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Ana Luca™ is the author of two books released Fall 2021: The People We Meet (second edition released 2022) and Art by Ana Luca Gallery Book.



Ana Luca™ is the writer and artist of the poetry collection, “The People We Meet”. This collection shares stories about moments and people that shape us in life. It is a series of relatable, short narrative poems that highlights the relationships we have with ourselves and with others. The purpose of the text is to help readers process their personal experiences, recognize their worth in times it is questioned, and feel less alone in their circumstances.


As a child, Luca dreamed of becoming an author and illustrator. She drew inspiration from the imaginary worlds created in children’s books by authors Shel Silverstein, Beverly Cleary, and Roald Dahl. When she realized that her words have power and can change people's lives, she felt compelled to share her writing.


Words are our most powerful weapons and medicine, capable of weighing people down or lifting them up. Ana Luca’s mission is to use her words to uplift readers so that their hearts are instilled with hope, comfort, and motivation to live as their best selves.





Ana Luca™ is a comedic illustrator, portrait & abstract painter, and poetic writer who creates human connection by helping people feel entertained, seen, and loved. Whether she is painting amusing portraits of people or dogs, her art cultivates a spirit of fun and a self-belief that we are all uniquely valuable. Her aim is to make people smile, to expand their perspectives, and to feel good about themselves – using art to uplift and transform people's daily lives.


Ana Luca’s artwork has been exhibited across America. She has won awards, been sought after as an art teacher, and illustrates for a streetwear apparel brand. As a well-rounded creative, she has also performed on music concert stages, in commercials, and on public speaking stages for Best Buy, General Motors, and Target.


Luca’s artwork has already attracted high-profile viewers ranging from television hosts on The Masked Singer to reality TV stars from shows such as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With an abundance of creativity that shows no sign of slowing down, this is only the start for this artist on the rise.





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